Options on fix-disk?

To answer the original question (I'm using 1.03.12 custom fw):
* In maintenance mode, "fixdisk" then when asked "Any additional options (or press return for none):" enter "-y" (must be lower case).
* Yes you can interrupt it. Open another telnet session, "cli", "ps | grep -i fix", note the process ID of your running fix-disk (first number on the left), then "kill xxxx" (where xxxx is your process ID).

More options:
fix-disk options:
Partitions to check - without any of these options all three partitions
will be checked:
-1 Check partition 1
-2 Check partition 2
-3 Check partition 3
Other options:
-d Additional diagnostic output
-B Skip block search
-F Skip file system checks
-P Skip pending sector error tests
-l Perform a long SMART disk test
-n No polling during SMART tests
-y Assume yes for all sector repairs
-w Wait for user input at end of run
-x <opts> Additional options for filesystem check (e2fsck)
(Must be last option)