Picture Frozen

Hi Guys

Anyone know what diagnostic log file I can run to find out why my box had a frozen picture, no remote control access, big standby button not working, but sound still working?

I simply switched off at the back and all seems OK now, but I would like to know what had happened if I can. As the box was tuned to BBC News, it showed a frozen picture at 08:30hrs, but it was 10:30hrs when I switched on the TV and s saw the frozen picture.


I suspect it will be more a case of installing a logging utility to capture information to help if it ever does it again.
That sounds like the Humax software crashed, although that would usually cause the box to reboot itself.
I've had a similar problem on odd occasions on both hdr fox and 9200, much more frequently on 9200 often thought it was a channel based problem but never able to pin it down. Like you switching on and off cured it !!!!:rolleyes:
Thanks, I checked with UK Free TV, but no reported issues with Crystal Palace Transmitter, so I suspect it was an issue with the transmission as we start to switch over next week, or the weather is too nice!:) As I could hear the live audio, not sure why the remote and box stopped, but as AF said, could be software related, so not overly concerned, but will keep an eye on it!