Pimp My Humax?


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I stumbled across this during a lunchtime meander around - they claim to provide some sort of 'improved' version of Humax boxes....


All for the bargain price of £611 !!!! (But don't worry they say - that does include the price of the original box!!!) For this princely sum they apparently do this:

We’ve improved key components in the power supplies and incorporated our Silencer mains filter and ClarityMains enhancer; the original boxes featured captive mains leads, so we’ve also fitted an IEC socket to allow you fit your choice of upgraded mains lead. Finally, we add acoustic casework damping.

But we’ve not stopped at the power supplies; [surely not I hear you all cry - you mean for nearly double the retail price you've managed to do even more than fit a new power cable!! You crazy fools you!] we also upgrade key components to the aerial/ satellite input and HDMI output – we also upgrade the SCART outputs. All boxes come with Big Cone Feet.

Ah Big Cone Feet - of course - now I see where my money is going - where's my checkbook? Does anyone want to by a year old 'ordinary' HDR Fox T2 that I won't be wanting anymore because it only has standard sized non-conical feet?
Russ Andrews products are quite highly regarded in the Hi-Fi world, so see no reason to doubt the merits of their upgrade.;)
They can also upgrade your box for only £399.99 + £14 collection.

What can you expect?

In Russ’s words, the result of the upgrades is a “leap in performance of both sound and picture quality”. When we tested both the Freesat and Freeview boxes, we saw quite clearly an improvement in image clarity, definition and sharpness; the sound was clearer and more dynamic too, with more detail and a more natural presentation. In our view, these boxes make superb radio tuners in a Hi-Fi system as well as great TV set-top boxes in Home Cinema systems.

If you pay that, you are absolutely mental ! as if its going to make THAT much of a difference! lol
I know a couple of people who are experienced at upgrading power supplies by replacing the capacitors with better quality ones for around twenty notes.
Never mind purple rings and green faces (ooh that sounds painful - I think there's a cream you can get for that:D ) - I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I found out the remote would work my telly!!
Never mind purple rings and green faces (ooh that sounds painful - I think there's a cream you can get for that:D ) - I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I found out the remote would work my telly!!

Could have been worse, you could have had green faeces!

Seriously though. I really can't see anyone going for this, mind you, they say that there is one born every minute.

For the price of one box you could probably by three unmodified ones (may be more). From reading the 'blerb', it sounds like you might have a box with a longer lifespan due to improved PSU components etc. but I bet it still records and plays back the same as mine!

Picture/sound quality will be the same.
Can somebody "highly regarded in the HiFi world" please explain to me how any amount if tinkering can lead to greater clarity or definition in a signal that is digital from source to output, whether video or audio?

No, honestly, I really want to know (I'm just itching to laugh at the answer)!
You can't expect mere geeks to understand - it takes an ad-man to grasp the concept of true hi-fidelity. Assuming you have the right capacitors and conical feet, you just need the right speaker cables to connect to your amp. Like these:

Nordost ODIN Supreme Reference Cables – $20,000
Using twenty-four conductors made of 99.99999% oxygen free copper with an extruded layer of silver, these cables promise uncompromising sound. The conductors are constructed using a “Precision Dual Micro Mono-Filament” design. [..] The conductors are arranged in four groups of six conductors for maximum flexibility.
No shit. I've heard about things like that. I bet they can tell the difference in a double-blind trial too.

Tell you what, buy a set of those and you'll have all the local chavs tunnelling in to nick them for the metal scrap value.
I'm sure there was a kid at school that used to get out of cross country runs cos he had conical feet!!