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Playback between machines

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by keytouch, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. keytouch

    keytouch Member

    Does anyone have 2 machines and been able to play files from one machine using the other?
    I only have one machine so can't test this out, if it worked I could be tempted to a second machine for the bedroom
  2. MrPloppy

    MrPloppy Member

    "I don't know", is my answer, but I don't think I would like to buy another HDR for the bedroom. Is there some cheaper alternative? I wouldn't mind this set up. I do actually have a Humax telly in the bedroom, although I don't think it could be set up for networking.
  3. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    I have a HD and a HDR, how would I do this?
  4. Mr Lazy

    Mr Lazy New Member

    It doesn't look like that part of the software (ie. Media Server) is in the new release, so that would have to wait for (hopefully) the next release anyway. I am considering buying a HD-FOX T2 for the bedroom but now that the price of that box seems to have gone up a bit I'm beginning to wonder if it would be more economical to use a cheap(ish) media player and just copy the files to my NAS and stream them from that.
  5. keytouch

    keytouch Member

    I was thinking to play things I had recorded in living room up in the bedroom so couldn't use NAS due to the encryption
  6. Mr Lazy

    Mr Lazy New Member

    I've tested it and it works (for SD) no problem. Played files on my WD TV off the NAS. Don't expect HD files to work though. However those files were copied HDR -> USB stick -> NAS - I need to try a file copied via FTP to make sure that works too.
  7. Martin Edwards

    Martin Edwards New Member

    so far no luck from me with FTPed files.... VLC will not play them...... I have tried with IE and also cute FTP with all the other stuff........
    Agan.... with no media server... unlikely that one machine can access and play contents of another box
  8. Mr Lazy

    Mr Lazy New Member

    Same here. Tried several media player programs and they all hung. MediaInfo reports 'No PAT/PMT'. So it really does look like FTP is archiving only, not even playback. B****r!
  9. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    posted something similar on another thread, i've been trying all afternoon, raydon replied to the post, it appears everything on the ftp is encrypted. we need some talented person, to find a way round it
  10. thats my battle at the minute, you can turn FTP on on both units but sharing over network not enabled
  11. same problem here
  12. rcflyers

    rcflyers New Member

    I have 2 HDR-T2 boxes with today's new firmware, they are connected over my network but I cannot get the boxes to see each other even though I have enabled the FTP server setting on both boxes.
  13. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    so to sum up the FTP, apart from an afternoon of entertainment, amusement, frustration, annoyance, web searching and downloading of programmes. the only thing we can use the new FTP for, is for archiving files.

    1TB usb external drive £50 seems a better option than filling up your pc drive
  14. I have been trying the same, have emailed Humax,had reply but no mention of what i asked so re emailed Humax again.
    i will let you know if i hear anything
  15. rcflyers

    rcflyers New Member

    Thanks Dave, I have emailed them numerous times only to be told my email has been passed on to customer services but never seen again!
  16. MrPloppy

    MrPloppy Member

    Not quite. I was messing before and you can send MPG files to the Humax, and it does play. WMV files don't work.
  17. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    i know just messing around.

    just disappointed with no FTP streaming (not humax fault i know)

    they had the 9200 years a go, top end of the pvr range (only one other unit similar topfield)

    this time round still top end of pvr range (but more competition this time)

    we also expect more than years a go

    i can see in this box an excellent media server (quiet,looks good), it could more than it currently is (if allowed to be)
  18. MrPloppy

    MrPloppy Member

    Why not their fault?
  19. WYNIR0

    WYNIR0 New Member

    I wasn't execting FTP streaming.Not really what FTP is built for surely? Was expecting that it might (MIGHT) come later when and if they add DLNA server functionality.
  20. SimonL

    SimonL New Member

    Just thought I'd add that I'm really keen to get this feature too. I purchased an HDR-FOX T2 and HD-FOX-T2 with exactly the same
    idea as the original poster of using one in the bedroom to access recordings in the lounge. It was promised quite a while ago so am hoping it gets released very soon.