Playback between machines

Just thought I'd add that I'm really keen to get this feature too. I purchased an HDR-FOX T2 and HD-FOX-T2 with exactly the same
idea as the original poster of using one in the bedroom to access recordings in the lounge. It was promised quite a while ago so am hoping it gets released very soon.

This was metioned elsewhere that it was to be a feature of the equipment that you could stream to other DNLA supported devices i.e HDR to HD. I purchased a HDR for the lounge and HD for the master bedroom just for this one feature alone. I could live without the portal if they would just get this streaming working. My other concern is about streaming HD recordings and all these copyright issues. I'd have thought that streaming HD between the manufacturers own equipment over your own network would be allowed but from what I've read it may not be that simple. Shame, real shame if true.
You can add me to the list of people waiting for this ability, and sorry not to see it in the last update.

As soon as they add DNLA (server) support, I'll be buying one, maybe two additional HDRs.
Yes, I am hoping that this feature will become available soon, as I have a HD and a HDR box, and would like to watch HD recordings on either box.
reply from email sent on friday after update when media sharing will be enabled
please see below!

This update was just for TV portal services, not regarding setting up of other units and file sharing etc.
Email to humax last night

not sure quite what is going on here, the email you sent me the other day said - :

This update was just for TV portal services, not regarding setting up of other units and file sharing etc.

on looking at the list below five of them are portal related, 19 of them are not, many of them are file sharing options, i am not used to being fobbed off, can you please forward this on to one of your directors as i do not think this is acceptable customer service.

This issue could be due to you not being informed of any update s in which case my apologies for being so abrupt, i myself have worked in a customer service role and would never treat my customers in this way as they are the bread and butter for your business.

please get back to me regarding the question i asked you regarding the media sharing or pass this email on to a person better informed on this subject.

looking forward to a more comprehensive reply in the near future


Dave [ a valued customer ]

ps - have 3 of your products at the moment, 2 freeview HDRS and a freesat HDR. these products are of high quality, your customer service is not at the moment

please do not reply with bland remarks like -:
We have had no further information regarding these services, apologies.

Application: 1.02.07
- Humax TV Portal enabled -y
- iPlayer-y
- Internet Radio-y
- Wiki@TV-y
- Flickr-y
- Audio Drop out on HD programmes resolved-n
- HDMI > DVI improvements-n
- Back button returns to previously viewed channel (when i-plate is on screen)-n
- WiFi Support (Humax Dongle to be available from -n
- Background Copy -n
- Background Delete-n
- View more episodes for a Series in the Schedule list by pressing the Right Arrow-n
- FTP Server > Switch this option ON in the Internet Settings menu)-n
- Username: humaxftp / Password: 0000-n
- FTP is available for Backup purposes only-n
- All content transfered from the product via FTP will be encrypted and you are only able to playback on the product when copied back on, or via USB-n
- Auto Delete function - oldest files will be removed; Lock files so they are not Auto Deleted.-n
- Auto Delete is switched OFF as Default-n
- To enable Auto Delete go to Menu > Preferences > Recording > Auto Delete-n
- Allow selection of Multiple Folders for copy/move/delete-n
- Trailer Booking (Green button "Book Me" prompt will appear on screen)-n
- BBC and Channel 4 currently broadcasting info for Trailer Booking.-n
- SMS Input supported-n
- Power Saving in Standby option included in Installation Wizard-n
Still very keen to get this and was hoping we'd have had a software update including it by now. Any news from Humax ?