Playing MP4 files.


I am experiencing confusing results when I play .MP4 files.

I have encoded two videos using Freemake converter.

One is for the full movie and one for a 1.5 minute clip. The clip plays the full movie, which is almost four gig does not. Apart from the size of the file, the only difference seems to be the frame rate. The one that plays is 25fps and the one that does not is 24.976fps. Both files play on my WD TV Live media player. The files were originally .trp files lifted from a Technomate HD Satellite box.

Is the T2 that sensitive to frame rates?

I'm going to encode a few more files and see how I get on, but if anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated.
I doubt very much that framerate is your issue. Filesze may be - but I think that was just for wireless issues.
MP4 should be ok but I'd recommend converting to TS for playback on the humax as there is a nice application
to create the sidecar files. I may be wrong but I think that gives you more control over the playback than plain mp4.
Most pro companies should be including TS or M2TS in their equipment by now - if not shout at them.
What streams are you encoding in your mp4? The iPlayer downloads are h264/aac and the Humax plays those.
I've come to the conclusion thats an issue to do with the size of the file. I've identically encoded several files, in both full and trimmed down versions. The full size files, aprox 3 GByte files don't work, but the files which are a few hundred MBytes do play. There is mention of other conversion tools above, can you suggest a different program, preferably freeware.
You might like to try XVid4PSP. Don't worry about the name - an mp4 file that will play on a PSP is perfect on the Humax. This program's forte is converting mkv files to mp4 without recoding the video stream (so it's quick) - ideal for downloaded tv shows, etc. Set the video conversion to 'copy' and the audio to aac 192kbs. It will also do other conversions that do require recoding of the video - I haven't explored all its options. So far, I have NOT succeeded in directly converting Humax .ts files with it, unfortunately.
Thanks for that, I shall try later. I did a Google for "trp to ts" and came across a mention of a 1.5Gig limit, which the trp files are. Maybe the problem is something to do with the way Freemake Video joins them.

Just for reference a "quick" conversion between MKV and mp4 is a nonsequiteur.
MKV is a file wrapper that may have an MP4 inside it - or it may have something else entirely.
All that program is doing is stripping the wrapper off - not converting it.
Which is a shame because MKV wrapping allows other features to be included in a single file.
MP4 is a codec which is why it takes a long time to change it to or from something else (such as Xvid [spit] for example).
TS and M2TS similarly are wrappers that may contain encoded video or other data of various types.
Each has a number of advantages and dissadvantages for various purposes.

Joining files can cause problems if you dont know how or why they were joined.
For example TSmuxer has 2 options each creating a single file output - "join" and "add"
in both cases a single file of the same size is generated but only one plays through as a single video
the other requires further functions to use.

format proliferation is a disease you should try and innoculate yourself against.
fen - try stripping the audio+video out of the TS file and then running your converter. That will tell you if you if it has trouble with
the audio - the video - or probably - the extra audio or data streams included in the broadcast. (TsDemuxer should do it quickly for you)
If you want to experiment you could put the streams back into a TS file one at a time to see what your converter can or cant handle directly
using TSmuxer. (Again its quick - just re-wrapping)