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Posting Problems

Discussion in 'Site/Forum Issues' started by xyz321, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. xyz321

    xyz321 Well-Known Member

    I tried to post a reply to the "sigset_t (was going to post this in the commercial skipping thread, but couldn't!) " thread but it failed with no error messge. I also tried to post it into the now merged commercial skipping thread - same result. Is there a problem with the database?
  2. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    I am having the same problem as you, which browser are you using? I am using Firefox 10.0.2 although I have been able to reply to this thread.
  3. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    I was able to reply to the commercial skipping thread using IE9, but not my usual Firefox 10.0.2, so I suspect that it may be a forum issue that requires an update.