Power Consumption - on all day or not?

Black Hole

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There is a certain body heat required to warm the whisky+water from 0 deg.C, but you would have to ingest the ice to use up the large number of calories required to overcome the latent heat of crystallisation.

[By the way, in case anybody is mystified, the Watt is a unit of power, the calorie is a unit of energy, and energy = power x time (or power = energy / time). A quantity of some material (eg water) requires a constant amount of energy to raise its temperature by a constant amount - unless it changes phase (eg ice melting into water) which requires much more energy.]


The Dumb One
That is correct. The common or garden calorie (as in calorie counting) is actually 1000 scientific calories (1 kcal). Based on your figures, 100 Wh x 24 = 2064 kcals (same as above).
A calorie is 1000 calories. WTF. How scientific is that then? Well I suppose I am right in assuming that 100W will raise a litre of water through 86 degrees C in an hour then (assuming no heat loss and a water starting temperature of between zero and 14 deg C [to remove the latent heat of crystalisation or vapourisation from the equasion])