Problems creating threads using Firefox 9.0.1


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Is anyone else unable to create a new thread using Firefox 9.0.1?

I have used Internet Explorer 9 to create this, as I am not getting a text box to type the message in when using Firefox 9.0.1.

I am having a similar problem trying to start new conversations, there is no text box when using Firefox 9.0.1.

Something must have changed recently, as I never used to have any problems with Firefox.
FF v9.0.1 has been 'out' for quite some time.

I use FF v9.0.1 and have no problems (at the moment) starting a new thread.

edit to correct a typo!
I don't think 9.0.1 is a beta, when I select, Help > About Firefox, the pop up box says "You are currently on the release update channel."
What does it say for you? Whilst you are at it, could you see if you can start a new conversation, and create a new thread. You don't need to actually do it, just see if you get the text entry box.
I use FF v9.0.1 and have now problems (at the moment) starting a new thread.
When you say you have "now" problems, do you mean "no" problems? Can you start a new conversation, and do you get a text entry box? the same goes for creating a thread.
It works fine for me. I'm also using Firefox 9.0.1; as a web developer I tend to keep an eye on the latest browsers. This forum uses semantic code so should really always work in the latest browsers.

Perhaps a screenshot would be useful? I can then at least go to the developers and ask them.


So sorry, brian, I spoke too soon.

I could have sworn that I have started new threads since my update to FF 9.0.1. Evidently not as I have just attempted to start both a new thread and a conversation and fails as you say, no text entry box.