Programming a HUMAX RM-F04 look-alike's TV/DVD/AUDIO device modes


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My original HDR FOX T2 RM-F04 remote control is over 10 years' old and some buttons becoming unreliable.
So I purchased a cheap RM-F01/F04/E06 look-alike replacement (I believe) made by ALLIMITY.

That new remote when in HUMAX/PVR mode works reliably/well. But the white TV, DVD and AUDIO mode buttons do not program like a HUMAX original remote.
After holding those mode buttons down for three seconds-plus they do not illuminate to enable entering of a target device's 3-digit code.

The seller (at Aliexpress) could not help with alternative programming advice.
So does any one know how to program this look-alike remote control to drive other devices/TVs?
(Note: the remote outputs infra-red in TV, DVD or AUDIO mode, so I am guessing there is a potential to re-program those modes.)


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Thanks for the feedback. The discussed replacement remote control (RC) was supplied without paperwork - let alone a user manual.
So I am not convinced the supplier is an authority on the device and how it works. Or is eager to become an authority.

Given the RC has exhibited enough memory to reflect the current PVR or TV or DVD or AUDIO mode pressed on, I am wondering whether the RC has a hidden capacity to deploy an internal offset to address the output codes of different (TV) devices - with all popular devices already stored in one large reference table like any programmable RC. That internal offset being set by programming the RC's TV or DVD or AUDIO mode using an existing method (documented somewhere) still to be learnt.

For me, guidance paperwork for one of these controls is a good starting goal.



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So after some searching this is the info
Similar has been discussed in this forum, but whether these knock-off handsets do the same thing is another matter...

Of course there's no support from the supplier - all they are doing is buying in job lots from alibaba or whatever, and supplying them on just like your corner shop buying a case of beans from Macro. Go back to them with a problem and all they will do is give your money back (often very willingly, to avoid negative reviews hitting their trade).

I know it's a lot more expensive, but if you can't get hold of an original I would rather go with a main-stream fully supported universal RC.
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