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Proposed method of auto-decryption on HDR-2000T



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Even newer version. This one has a new feature that forces a DLNA reindex by simulating keyboard commands over ip. This is the new code:

# IP commands are used to simulate remote. Folder is created. File moved into it and then out again. Folder is deleted.


for i in  "57" "3d" "56" "56" "56" "56" "56" "3d" "3b" "54" "58" "58" "58" "58" "22" "54" "3b" "54" "54" "54" "58" "58" "55" "20" "55" "58" "55" "3b" "54" "54" "54" "58" "20" "58" "3b" "58" "52" "58" "57"

cmd=`echo $i | xxd -p | sed 's/..$//'`
cmd=`echo '686d78726100000072637500000000003030'$cmd'00000000f410783a01000000'`
echo $cmd | xxd -r -p > /dev/udp/$HOST/22558

    if [ $i == "3d" ] && [ $flag == 0 ]; then
        sleep 10

    if  [ $i == "20" ]; then
        sleep 4
sleep 0.2
I am grateful for the info in this thread.



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Hi Wiredcharlie. I'm not exactly sure what your 3DC-v5 is supposed to do. My mac is on High Sierra. Your program opens but nothing seems to happen, however if i point the cursor on the topbar To click 3DC or file or edit, I just get a spinning rainbow wheel. Nothing else happens.

So I guess I'm asking- Am I right in thinking that 3DC is a program for removing the encryption on HD recordings from humax2000t that have been put onto an external usb hard drive using a macbook on High Sierra? I'm not overly computer literate so an "Idiot's Guide" would be appreciated. How's it supposed to work? Many thanks. Cris.