I think I could list a whole lot more services that the Sony does not support. Bundling this kind of feature into TV sets is ultimately a dead end as each model or range comes to the end of its very short support life.
I agree.. putting all this stuff in the TV isn't the way to go. I much prefer a cheaper box that gets regular updates.. a bit like the WDTV Live box. The TV portal on the Humax box isn't great at all.. but at least iPlayer works nicely on it. However, I didn't buy it for the TV portal.

One thing that I would recommend looking at is a Blackberry Playbook 7" tablet.. they're £169 at the moment, and have HDMI out. The web browser plays Flash content so you can access whatever services you want using it's web browser, just like you would on a PC.
....However, I didn't buy it for the TV portal.

Well said. I agree MattC. Its 'horses-for-courses'. The Hummy is a blooming good PVR IMHO, the portal, custom or otherwise, is a 'nice to have feature' but not essential. It is designed to be a PVR above all primarily.

Personally, I use my iPhone and Apple TV to Airplay BBC iPlayer, 4OD etc.