PVR-9200T Software

Hello, recently joined your excellent site. My vestel died and I snatched a 9200 from a well known seller, it has a409 loader and 1.00.23. Is this the current software please?
You have the latest versions installed.
Thanks both, re. guide slow to populate, but perhaps im expecting too much after reading excellent reviews.
The whole EPG is transmitted on each transmission multiplex on a rotation that takes about 15 minutes in the worst case (or so I believe, this has been queried in the past). Data for the current multiplex and today's programmes are included more often in the rotation than (for example) programmes for 6 days hence or on other multiplexes.

Following turn on, the data present in the EPG display depends on how much has been cached from when the unit was last on, or how much in the cache is still valid. This is a limitation of the Freeview system, not of any receiver in particular.
The last time I used my 9200, the EPG never populated fully. It gave up totally after about 3 days and had lots of holes in before that. It took ages to populate after switch on as well.

(I actually have two - a 160GB and a 320GB - if anyone wants to make me an offer.)
If the box hasn't been on for more than 24 hours I allow 2 hours to get a full population of the 9200 epg, and some days it might still be a bit holey. If it has channels in the 800s it may never get it filled properly. It's an old box with a somewhat overloaded system, so you need a bit of patience and tolerance, but it generally gets your recordings in the end (as long as you don't use AR).
We have a FOX T2 now, so the 9200 is generally powered off, but I still fire it up for special occasions - but always a couple of hours before trying to schedule anything :)
Channels in the 800s will not populate at all, even on an HDR-FOX, unless you tune to one of them.
Channels in the 800s will not populate at all, even on an HDR-FOX, unless you tune to one of them.

Yes, but on the 9200 it seems to mess up a lot of the rest of the 'good' epg as well. The 9200 with latest f/w is a bit like a drunk - if everything goes smoothly it'll get there eventually; but if an obstacle gets in the way it tends to fall over and just crawl :)
I'm really surprised that anyone is still using a 9200, mine has not been used for about 3 years.:)
I'm amazed at some of the comments in the posts above, my 9200 works fine. I do note that people are referring to having channels in the 800 range, this indicates that the 9200 is not tuned correctly so you're asking for problems. Give the machine a chance and set it up correctly.
My 9200 s still in daily use and is never turned off since I got it.

I do get the occasional lock up, but a power cycle restores normal business.

On re-strating I tune it to BBC1 and then ITV to speed up the re-population.

It does drop the occasional programed recording, but that is easily re-set.

When I do an occasional re-tune I tell it which channels to scan, thus avoiding the 800 problems.

I'm really surprised that anyone is still using a 9200, mine has not been used for about 3 years.
I still use a 9200T and have another 9200T and a 9300T to experiment with. None have ever had a full epg since the autumn of 2012.

Ok that is not quite true. If I just tune to 4 of the main 5 SD muxes the epg populates fully from scratch in under an hour. My active 9200T is used for just BBC so I do not have any issues with the epg population issues on a 9200T which is only partially tuned in.
Hi. I need to update my 9200T to PGXTF 1.00.23, I would be very grateful if someone could send me a copy as I've searched everywhere but can't seem to find it on any site! Very frustrating!
Hi. I've just joined this forum to try to rescue my daughter's humax box.
I need the xxxx.23 (the latest?) software for the 9200T and I see from old messages that some have offered to email a copy.
If any kind soul will do this I will be very grateful.
Just let me know and I'll send you my email address.
Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Regards ...
Thanks, I should have read the previous posts more carefully.
I've emailed that address and hopefully help will come :)

Thanks again.