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Queue listing has failed; permanent "loading queued data".


Had a similar issue today, the queue had somehow got duplicate entries and some entries could not be deleted, whatever their status, even setting queue retention to 1 day did not resolve (items were 3 days old)

Of interest all 'stuck' items had been auto-added within a few secs of each other.

A reboot did not help and eventually the queue was permanently inactive. No errors reported in log and auto log just showed repeated:

2500    18/04/2019 14:58:04 -     OK - Already decrypted -
2499    18/04/2019 14:58:04 - De-queuing 2709 - decrypt - /mnt/hd2/My Video/Click/Click-Click travels to Japan to see how theyr-16-03-19.ts
etc. Looking at mod/webif/lib/queue.class it appears there is no attempt to catch or display any errors for db queries?

Only accessing the directory containing files stuck in the queue was any error shown in the log:

/mod/webif/lib/queue.class:209: Error: database disk image is malformed
Thanks to prpr's suggestion I applied:

cd /mod/etc
mv queue.db queue_old.db
sqlite3 queue_old.db ".dump" | sqlite3 queue.db
rm queue_old.db
That produced no errors! but resulted in an empty queue.db so problem solved.

Would it be an idea to add an option in the queue to force empty the queue, as similar problems do seem to crop up now and then.
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