1. L

    Control playback through webif

    I've newly installed the 3.13 custom firmware on my HD Fox and I'm very impressed. I wondered whether there was any way to start and control playback of media files through the webif though? I'd like to play music files from a SMB share through the humax. I have done this already using the auto...
  2. boris

    Queue listing has failed; permanent "loading queued data".

    Not sure whether it was a crash of the system, it has had a few of those recently, or a package update. The series of daily crashes seems to have stopped as quickly as it started. I've installed the temperatur and fan packages just in case it's that - it hasn't been that hot around here of...
  3. MontysEvilTwin

    Webif - strange language format

    A strange one this; a couple of times today when navigating to Webif>browse media files with Google Chrome for Android, a message pops up telling me that the page is in 'Hmong' and asking if I want it translating to English. Selecting yes makes some of the capital letters lower case, and deletes...
  4. D

    Unable to login to WEBIF

    I wonder if you guys can help: Today, my T2 said "format hard drive" (surprisingly). I didn't want to format the drive (and lose my recordings), so I turned it off (mains) and then back on. It seems to work okay. However, I ran the drive check (from the machine) and it stopped about 4/5 of the...
  5. G

    WEBif Update Hung Box??

    Background: I went on holiday on 4th May 2016, returning on 19th May 2016, leaving box set with scheduled series and one-ff recordings. On return, on 19th, at 4:00 in the morning (cue for a song...) I turned tele on and the usual red button page appeared, but the Humax was frozen (no response...
  6. Karl Harrison

    Recording Conflicts - Challenge to the Experts!

    Hi I use the Remote Scheduling Service to highlight failed recording and conflicts and find the emails so useful for keeping the family happy. Would it be possible to add an auto-fix/semi auto-fix button to the web-if interface. It currently lists failed recording by showing the .htm file -...
  7. J

    failed to decrypt

    just an advisory I had a box lock up (not respond to front panel or remote) yesterday and because it looked like it was recording I plugged the laptop in instead of just cold booting it. There was a message that a recording had failed to decrypt. I cleared the message (in webif) and the box...
  8. M

    http://<box>/go/mm_schedule Broken in WebIf 1.2.7-1

    CFW 3.0.2 Just upgraded to WebIf 1.2.7-1. http://<box>/go/mm_schedule is broken, it tries to download a file instead of showing the Schedule page.
  9. B

    Incorrect Recording Naming

    Newbie here. Firstly, many thanks to Raydon and Nowster for a fantastic bit of work. Merry christmas to you both. Yesterday I recorded Indiana Jones - and the temple of Doom. Today I recorded Indian Jones - The Last Crusade. I did select series recording to get them all. When I check the...
  10. P

    Unable to download and install web interface

    I have been using the custom software for quite some time and have not accessed it through the web interface for many months. Lately I have found it reluctant to open the internet portal for BBC iPlayer (needing 3 or 4 attempts) so I decided to check the system using the web interface. However...
  11. R

    Monitor Network Usage for Longer

    Hi All, Is there a way to view network usage for more than one month in the system monitoring page of Webif? eg a year? I believe the package is sysmon that is doing the business but I'm not sure if anyone else has previously suggested / requested a length of time greater than a month -...
  12. MontysEvilTwin

    Rare Issue with Web-If (Nicesplice) Join Function

    I recorded Spiderman 3 which was in two parts, separated by a news bulletin. I used the Web-If join function to join the parts with an output name of 'Spiderman 3'. I was scratching my head because I couldn't find the joined file then I realised that it had been named 'Spiderman' instead...