1. D

    Failed update of Webif - now only getting "500 Internal Server Error"

    I noted that there were some upgrades to the packages on my HDR-Fox T2 and I picked the Web-if to do first. I was on 1.4.? and was upgrading to 1.5. The install proceeded, the log showed some things being uninstalled and then the new package dowloaded and ran. In the log window I saw that it...
  2. Matthew

    Problems with Tunefix

    There seem to be a number of bugs in the webif around favourites and tunefix seems to exacerbate them to an extent. If favourites are renamed on the box it creates multiple issues in the webif, however the main issue with tunefix is that following a reboot/power cycle the renamed favourites are...
  3. Matthew

    Favourite list not populated

    Having added the option to choose the favourite from directly within the EPG I decided to create an additional favourite list, so did that on the box yesterday but noted the change is not reflected within the webif. Switch on today and its still not there! I`ve applied service epg restart but...
  4. Matthew

    WebIf Tweaks: Changes to the EPG

    This thread it about potential alterations to the current EPG, though it works great as it is (thanks to af123 for all the work) there are areas where I feel it could be improved and I would be interested to hear how others feel on the matter. I have already posted on a few changes, for example...
  5. L

    Control playback through webif

    I've newly installed the 3.13 custom firmware on my HD Fox and I'm very impressed. I wondered whether there was any way to start and control playback of media files through the webif though? I'd like to play music files from a SMB share through the humax. I have done this already using the auto...
  6. boris

    Queue listing has failed; permanent "loading queued data".

    Not sure whether it was a crash of the system, it has had a few of those recently, or a package update. The series of daily crashes seems to have stopped as quickly as it started. I've installed the temperatur and fan packages just in case it's that - it hasn't been that hot around here of...
  7. MontysEvilTwin

    Webif - strange language format

    A strange one this; a couple of times today when navigating to Webif>browse media files with Google Chrome for Android, a message pops up telling me that the page is in 'Hmong' and asking if I want it translating to English. Selecting yes makes some of the capital letters lower case, and deletes...
  8. D

    Unable to login to WEBIF

    I wonder if you guys can help: Today, my T2 said "format hard drive" (surprisingly). I didn't want to format the drive (and lose my recordings), so I turned it off (mains) and then back on. It seems to work okay. However, I ran the drive check (from the machine) and it stopped about 4/5 of the...
  9. G

    WEBif Update Hung Box??

    Background: I went on holiday on 4th May 2016, returning on 19th May 2016, leaving box set with scheduled series and one-ff recordings. On return, on 19th, at 4:00 in the morning (cue for a song...) I turned tele on and the usual red button page appeared, but the Humax was frozen (no response...
  10. Karl Harrison

    Recording Conflicts - Challenge to the Experts!

    Hi I use the Remote Scheduling Service to highlight failed recording and conflicts and find the emails so useful for keeping the family happy. Would it be possible to add an auto-fix/semi auto-fix button to the web-if interface. It currently lists failed recording by showing the .htm file -...
  11. J

    failed to decrypt

    just an advisory I had a box lock up (not respond to front panel or remote) yesterday and because it looked like it was recording I plugged the laptop in instead of just cold booting it. There was a message that a recording had failed to decrypt. I cleared the message (in webif) and the box...
  12. M

    http://<box>/go/mm_schedule Broken in WebIf 1.2.7-1

    CFW 3.0.2 Just upgraded to WebIf 1.2.7-1. http://<box>/go/mm_schedule is broken, it tries to download a file instead of showing the Schedule page.
  13. B

    Incorrect Recording Naming

    Newbie here. Firstly, many thanks to Raydon and Nowster for a fantastic bit of work. Merry christmas to you both. Yesterday I recorded Indiana Jones - and the temple of Doom. Today I recorded Indian Jones - The Last Crusade. I did select series recording to get them all. When I check the...
  14. P

    Unable to download and install web interface

    I have been using the custom software for quite some time and have not accessed it through the web interface for many months. Lately I have found it reluctant to open the internet portal for BBC iPlayer (needing 3 or 4 attempts) so I decided to check the system using the web interface. However...
  15. R

    Monitor Network Usage for Longer

    Hi All, Is there a way to view network usage for more than one month in the system monitoring page of Webif? eg a year? I believe the package is sysmon that is doing the business but I'm not sure if anyone else has previously suggested / requested a length of time greater than a month -...
  16. MontysEvilTwin

    Rare Issue with Web-If (Nicesplice) Join Function

    I recorded Spiderman 3 which was in two parts, separated by a news bulletin. I used the Web-If join function to join the parts with an output name of 'Spiderman 3'. I was scratching my head because I couldn't find the joined file then I realised that it had been named 'Spiderman' instead...