Unable to download and install web interface


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I have been using the custom software for quite some time and have not accessed it through the web interface for many months. Lately I have found it reluctant to open the internet portal for BBC iPlayer (needing 3 or 4 attempts) so I decided to check the system using the web interface. However when I entered the URL I got a message to click on the yellow button to download and install the full web interface.
However when I do this I instantly get an error message:

Downloading http://hpkg.tv/hdrfoxt2/base/Packages.gz.
Collected errors:
* opkg_download: Failed to download http://hpkg.tv/hdrfoxt2/base/Packages.gz, wget returned 1.

Error retrieving package list from the Internet. Please check your connection
and try again.​

[while looking for a solution I found these files in various places the following files but can't see how to use them.
Packages.gz (16KB)
webif_1.2.5-12_mipsel.opb (13729KB)
wget_1.12_mipsel.opk (143KB) ]

I normally use Chrome but have tried Internet Explorer as well.

I can't find the problem. Can anyone help please?
Thank you very much. I think I saw a reference to "end of life" but didn't realise what it referred to.
You have been very helpful and I appreciate it.