1. K

    No pause, repairing timeshift error message without reformat.

    I recently had the issue my Humax HDR 1010S of being stuck in a loop when I turned it on, it would start up to Freesat logo and display a black screen and kept thrashing the hard disk. Remote was unresponsive, so I unplugged the box from the back. Unfortunately after the unplugging of the box, I...
  2. zekepliskin

    [rs] Installing and using this package intermittantly caused Read Only File System issue.

    So my HDR Fox T2 was working near perfectly for many months. I was tempted to retire it but instead I did some spring cleaning, removed a load of content and unwatched Series Links which were cluttering up the recording schedule and so on. I figured with 4TB of space internally (upgraded...
  3. Dave F.

    Unable to upload folders using filezilla

    Hi Filezilla is setup & I've been successfully downloading from the unit to my PC for years. I wish to use Humax's hard drive as a temporary backup for different types of files on my PC. I'm able to upload files, & empty folders, but any folder(s) that contain files return these errors...
  4. J

    Problems with H3

    Hi. I have had the 4000t a while and recently added the h3 box for multi room. My 4000t holds my recordings and I can access them via the h3 in another room. The problem I am having is that when I play a recording via the h3 and get to the adverts, I try and ffwd and guess when they have...
  5. T

    Error installing packages. Please try again.

    Hi, Further to my thread earlier in the week, i've just tried to put HDR_FOX_T2_1.02.32_mod_3.03 over the top of my CF2.11 of my HDR-T2 with original firmware 1.02.28 It went in ok and I got to "Custom Firmware Successfully Installed" and "If your Humax has access to the Internet, which you can...
  6. H

    Any idea what error message "F2.20" means?

    I have had an error message appear that reads "F2.20" appear when powering on a newly acquired (via GumTree) HD-Fox T2. Does anyone have any idea what this message means? I upgraded the firmware to version 1.03.02 and it hasn't reappeared since but I just wondered if anyone had seen it before.
  7. P

    Unable to download and install web interface

    I have been using the custom software for quite some time and have not accessed it through the web interface for many months. Lately I have found it reluctant to open the internet portal for BBC iPlayer (needing 3 or 4 attempts) so I decided to check the system using the web interface. However...