Beta [Real-time scheduling] schedule without rebooting

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I know this is an old thread but so far I have not been able to find anything else, so if duplicating sorry.
A couple of weeks back my humax HDR-Fox-T2 crashed stating that some of the packages was disabled, but not which ones.
Since then when make a schedule I have to re-boot. I've looked around and it may be to do with the Real Time Scheduling (RTS) option. I went to the Webif (v1.4.8-8), Setting >> Advance to check it was on and there's no option, RTS is missing. Can anyone help please.
I've included a screen capture to show where I was looking and that the option is missing.
Humax Settings Advance RTS Missing.png
Oh I have re-started the box by using the back switch and a forced re-install of the Webif to no success.
Thanks for the quick reply, really appreciated.
Fix-Flash-Packages, great, works a treat, will after I realised I needed a re-boot, fool me.

Big thanks for your help.
Yeah, OK, a bit of hyperbole for poetic effect.

The nuisance might be minor to resolve with the appropriate steps, but that's not how it felt before the appropriate steps were available. That's why I'm pointing out - so more people know what to do if it happens, and know how to decide whether they are vulnerable.
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