Record directly to external drive


Is there any way of recording directly to an attached USB drive (rather than recording to the Humax drive then copying across)? I suspect the answer is "No" or there would be some mention here.
...and even if there was (as is the case with an HD-FOX), the recording would likely be encrypted and useless (until decrypted) for anything other than playback on the original Humax, so the effort of decrypt-copy from the internal HDD to an external HDD/UPD would not be side-stepped anyway. Anyone who doesn't understand what I'm talking about should see Things Every... (click) section 5.

We have HDR Mode for the HD-FOX, I wonder if HD Mode for the HDR-FOX is do-able (and if anyone would want it)?!
The HDR seems to specifically block recording to a USB drive. If a USB drive could be simulated as an internal drive this may enable recording on a HD Fox running HDR software, allowing it to act like a single tuner HDR:
Presumably, the same could also be done on a HDR directly. If the drive were mounted under the my video folder, it would be indexed by the DLNA server so it should be possible to decrypt in place. Hopefully someone with the necessary skills and knowledge (i.e. not me) will have a brainwave and figure out how to do it!
Just tried a quick experiment of using mount to map the folder that a series record was about start, to a folder on a different drive, and that worked fine. This is on an HD (mapping the usb drive to a network drive), but I suspect it would work on an HDR also.
Just also tried mapping the whole video folder, and that worked fine too, so I think it would be perfectly possible to temporarily (or permanently) map the video folder to an external device. As BH pointed out the recordings would be encrypted, but should be picked up by the DLNA decrypt in place, as that would be fooled too.
I believe it's been found that the HDR just plain refuses to record to an external drive, regardless of mounts.