Recording failed


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I just bought my first Freeview + HD box yesterday (the 2000T) and scheduled 2 programmes and a movie to record last night.

The programmes have recorded fine but next to the movie it says "Recording (less than 30 secs) may not be stored".

Just wondered if anyone would know why that would be?

What channel was the movie on? The "new" BBC HiDef services (not counting BBC1 and BBC2) are known to have a problem that manifests in this way on a HDR-FOX, and is likely to affect HDR-2000T similarly - see HERE (click). If this is what happened to you, there is a possible "cure" HERE (click).

Other than that, see Things Every... (click) section 3, and further discussion from the link therein.
It seems graham made a similar post to yours, saw yours and changed his post to "Should have read Black Holes post more carefully". This made absolutely no sense to anyone, such as you and me, who hadn't seen his original post, and remembered it, before he deleted it. I assumed he was simply being thick and made an attempt at a joke in response.
OK, thanks, it makes some kind of sense now. The implied "I" made explicit would have helped (I "read" an implied "you").

To be fair, my posts don't generally get finalised until a few minutes after first posted while I resolve references and maybe think of some additional information or improvements. However, more than an hour went by between my post and the next, so no excuse.
It's the first CLEAR report I have noticed of the HiDef bug on 2000T.

If Waterman4 could report how long it takes to delete the failed recording then that may clinch it.
Did you check the HDD space before the delete and after a while. Recordings disappear instantly, the actual deletion takes place in the background. The only way to tell is check the HDD space before and about 10 mins or so later.