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Hi Guys, :)

I have the Humax Foxsat HDR purchased about 12 months ago and until now had no problems, BUT I
hope you can help with my query; went out to dinner last night (doesn't happen very often!!) had already set my soaps on a "record whole series", corrie, enders, emmie, also Abfab. Came home to find NOTHING had recorded......message which read "programme failed to record, unknown reason". So frustrating!!! :frantic: Not aware I have changed anything or even updated anything recently. Capacity used is 38% with a usable space still of 80+ hours. Switched the tv to standby and left the box on. No power failure either. Tried recording today in various modes and had no problems. Can anyone shed any light or does the box need a babysitter at all times??!!!​
If you say no power cut then I am scratching my head. At least it gives you a chance to try out the inbuilt BBC iPlayer and ITV Player.
message which reads "programme failed to record, unknown reason"

You are not alone with that annoyance Boston! Clearly the HDR attempts to record because details appear in the list of recorded programmes. The manual states:

• On Time - the broadcasters signal will be used for
accurate recording when broadcast.
• 1,2,3,5 Mins - The minutes you select to the start
and/or end times will be included where possible
to the recordings."

This suggests that the HDR is failing to pick up the broadcaster's signal, so for the future I have set the recordings to start 1 minute early (& for good measure end 1 minute later).

I will post an update on my "results" in a day or so.
message which reads "programme failed to record, unknown reason"

I will post an update on my "results" in a day or so.

Since setting recordings to start 1 minute early, there have been no further 'failures to record', so hopefully the problem is now resolved.