Recording from the start of a viewed progamme


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If I'm watching a program from the beginning & decide part way through that I'd like to record it why does it record from the point that the record button is pressed and not from the very beginning.

Is there a way around this.

My Freeview Topfield gives the option to start recording from either the current time or beginning of the program which is far more convenient.
On the HDR you need to rewind to the point you want to start recording then hit record. Annoying, but that's how it works.
On the grounds that it's easier to ask someone than to try it for myself, allbeit a bit slower. Can you then fast forward to where you were and still record it all? I suspect not.
Yes, you can record the buffer by rewinding then fast forward or skip back to where you were or watch another channel or recording.
I think that some of the replies in this thread are actually referring to the HDR-FOX T2, and Not the Foxsat HDR. People seem to get the two boxes mixed up, and post replies about the wrong box, thus confusing the situation and not helping the thread poster.

Perhaps graham or gomezz, or one of our other Foxsat HDR owners can give the correct answer to this.
It's interesting how implementation differs from box to box. My old 9300T used to record from the buffer by default and no way of changing it.
On the old Hummy site some contributors posted various procedures to record the buffer with the Foxsat HDR, I have tried many times and never made it work.