Recordings cut short


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Any ideas how the file system got in such a twist, apparently beond the ablities of the Humax internal utilities to correct it?
As far as I know there aren't any utilities on the Humax to fix anything related to the file system; the only protection you have is that ext3 is a journalling file system and should be able to recover itself from events like sudden shutdown due to power loss.

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...and the only user fix they offer is a total reformat (which will sort out the file system, but take your recordings with it). I'm sure I don't need to tell you that if it were a HDR-FOX with custom firmware, you would have other options.



I'd almost forgotten this thread with having some other home IT issues to sort (now all OK) and then Christmas but I had better report back.

Now, about two months on from doing a file system check and fix on the Humax disk from a PC running Linux I have had no more of the cut-short recordings so I think it might be fixed.

Thanks to everyone for the advice and encouragement.