Red button problems


The red button service only runs intermittently and I can't see any pattern. Is this a 'feature'? I'm running the latest customised firmware if that's relevant.
In what way intermittently? I have read that it is not available via the Red Button from the BBC1 HD and BBC HD channels on Freeview but only from the BBC SD channels. Or go directly to Freeview 301 for the interactive stream.
Gomezz is correct that the red button is only available from SD channels.
However, the BBC have very recently reduced the bitrate so it will be slower than it has been in the past to load (source).
Sorry if I wasn't clear, I was referring to the news/sport/weather etc service accessed by pressing the red button (on the SD channels).

It's intermittent in that the invitation to press red is visible at the top right of the screen sometimes and not others and it will load the pages sometimes and not others. If I change to viewing via the TV pressing red works fine.
A side issue: I'm used to going to 301 for the F1 Forum after Grands Prix but it seems not to be there though I understand it's still broadcast. Am I mistaken, or is now Freesat only?
No its still there, you might need to retune which might explain why its being dodgy for you.. or it could be that your signal is dropping out?
You are in the lap of the BBC for red button functionality, nothing to do with the Humax.

Edit: sorry, just read back to see that you say it works on a TV. There is nothing in the custom firmware that is likely to get in the way unless you are doing something to cause a high processor load.
Have you got channel 105 though? You have still not made it clear if it works when on a BBC SD channel and not work only when tuned to a BBC HD channel.