Red Standby Light - Possible to turn off?


I've posted in the Customised Firmware section in case I've missed a feature of the firmware. I have the Foxsat-HDR in my bedroom and the red standby light is a bit too bright. Other than the power off switch or some black tape, is it possible to alter the red light so it's off or not so bright when in standby?

The HDR-FOX CF has the redring package. However, this was only possible by a lot of detective work into the communications between the core processor and the front panel assembly, so it would not be a direct port to the Foxsat CF.

For what it's worth, I use black tape over any drive LEDs etc in the bedroom!
Not possible on the Foxsat-HDR.

It's behind the front panel flap so ours are covered in blutak. Bits of card would probably do the same.

SWMBO hates lights when sleeping especially... so blutak comes in use a lot. Even used it to cover hotel smoke alarm 'flashing' leds and TV standby lamps etc.,. (removed after a stay, of course).