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Redring settings


New Member

just upgraded to latest firmware 2.14 and now find that I can't save the redring settings. Specifically I was after a clock on the display.

The redring settings seem to be in the "Settings for epgkeywords plugin - EPG monitoring by keyword" which seems an odd title so maybe I am in the wrong place?

I then hit the "Update settings" and get a new webb page pop up with "Settings saved" but no changes made?

I have ran the fix-flash-packages just in case



Staff member
Redring settings are in the "Redring Settings" part of the webif settings page. You need to reboot your box after changing the settings before they are applied.

Edit: Try uninstalling the epgkeywords package, as this has been known to cause issues with other packages, and is no longer available.


New Member
Uninstalling epgkeywords package worked and I now have a clock and "Redring Settings" in the webif.

Should I then reinstall epgkeywords or is there a conflict?

Many thanks