[redring] Show red LED ring when recording in standby + other options...

Ezra Pound

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I have had a few issues recently, three I think, where the red ring stays on after recording has finished.

Hi Black Cloud, the 'ring staying Red' still happens to my unit occasionally and in my case never indicates a real recording overrun, this has been reported by others and is (I think) a timing error that has never been 100% resolved, as you have pointed out, the error usually fixes itself the next time the ring colours are changed

Welcome back to the madhouse that this forum is becoming


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Welcome back to the madhouse that this forum is becoming
That doesn't exactly pour water on anything that may or may not be smouldering does it?
So you've just become part of what you (apparently) dislike.
For the record, I don't see it becoming a madhouse.


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One of my HDRs has had this issue recently too. It just happens randomly. Strangely, it seems to happen on one box more than the other. Both units are set up with same packages etc. Both can go weeks without an occurrence then it will happen two or three times in the space of a couple of days.

No runaway recordings, just the ring staying red after completing a recording.

Black Cloud

Does the recording actually stop, or have you got the runaway recording problem?
The recording was the correct length at 64 minutes.
Presumably you have done a full mains off/on cycle.
Yes, on previous occasions, that is what I did and it fixed the problem in the way that a sledge hammer fixes a nut. In this case I left it to see if an auto shutdown would fix it, which that did too.

I have used RR for a few years without any problems and especially enjoy the purple ring for dual recording, and the ability to control the ring brightness. Good Job!

I am glad that I brightened up your morning.:duel::)

Owen Smith

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I believe the author has said in the past that Red Ring timings can never be 100% gauranteed because the Humax code is also writing to it. So it's always going to go wrong some of the time.