Restart needed after playing any recording


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In the last few days, I have found that I can play a recording fine. When I press STOP, instead of showing the list of recordings, it shows a blank page with the "jump up a level" dots, which go nowhere if I click on them.

If I restart the box, I get the full list of recordings back and can choose a new one.

I would appreciate advice on where to start to diagnose and I hope to fix this issue.
If it were HDR-FOX I would start with fixdisk, but I have no idea what's available on Foxsat.
Foxsat-HDR has the Maintenence Mode where fix-disk can be initiated. Needs issue of Telnet commands and a reboot to enter then telnet to run the fix-disk. IF and only if the OP is running the Custom Firmware.
Check out the Documentation in the WebIF for how to use it and the correct syntax / command spelling. NB it takes some considerable time to run.

FWIW I never (well almost never) use the stop button to exit a recording playback. I press the <MEDIA> button to get back to the list then delete the playing recording from there.
I presume that <EXIT> doesn't get out of the 'hung' media list and the box is locked up as a result of this 'stop' during playback?