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Retiring my 9200T, few questions on the HDR Fox T2

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by fattakin, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. fattakin

    fattakin Member

    Hi all.

    Have had a 9200T since pretty much launch, my mate used to work for Humax Support in Newtownards back in the day. Nice wee bit of kit but showing its age and hard drive is on its way out. I thought id get something new. Just a few questions, hoping you guys can answer.

    1. With custom firmware installed, can I create a folder on the T2 and ftp across avi's that normally sit on my laptop and watch back? I don't really want to attach a USB drive, id rather have the files sitting on the build in drive. (Humax will be connected to network by Ethernet)

    2. How old is the T2? what's the chance they drop a new model in the next 6 months?

    3. Do you think we'll ever get Sky Go? I called Humax support on Friday and they seemed positive that it'll come.

    4. When box is in standby, will it power on for scheduled recordings?

    5. How is iplayer on it? Very keen on this feature.
  2. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    Yes (in fact this can be done with the stock firmware) . Most AVI files I've tried played fine but there are still the odd ones that don't. Playing files over DLNA is less reliable (fewer supported formats it seems).

    I'll leave that for someone with more insight to answer...

    With the customised firmware (+ ChrisDaniel's custom-portal package) you can have it now. It seems to work well and is nice and responsive. They appear to have a working implementation so presumably there are licensing/branding issues rather than anything technical.

    Yes - 15 minutes before the scheduled start if you use Automatic Recording (AR) mode - so that it can watch for the signal from the broadcaster, otherwise in accordance with the padding you have set.

    It's usable but not great. Startup and navigation are fairly slow and your options for skipping once it is playing are limited but once you're up and watching a programme it's fine. With the custom firmware you can also save whatever you have just watched as a DRM-free MP4 file.
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  3. fattakin

    fattakin Member

    af123 I salute thee for the quick answers. You have helped make up my mind. I'm in Northern Ireland so we don't even get HD until end of 2012 but I think with the Custom Firmware you guys have created and the Custom Portal & file playback, I'll have a great all in one box. I dont have massive mkv's or anything just the occasional avi and some videos from my Samsung Galaxy 2.

    Dont mind too much is iplayer is a bit slow as its mostly for the wife. The old 9200T was missing recordings often and i was egtting itno trouble.

    I'm off to amazon to pull the trigger!

    Then i'll get stuck into going through the threads and trying to find all the bits n bobs I need. Is there a definitive 'here are all teh files you need..?' Will have a hunt on the Wiki.

    Did i read about a function to stream to other devices on the network, phones etc?
  4. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, I'd start with the Custom Firmware HOWTOs on the Wiki and have a read through http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/black-holes-trail-guide-to-hdr-fox-t2-modding.354/ and http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/faq-index-to-existing-informative-threads.400/

    Yes, the HDR has a built-in DLNA server which can stream to other devices; that's part of the official firmware. By default it will stream SD to anything and HD to DTCP compliant devices (such as other Humax boxes) but the customised firmware has the means to unlock the HD recordings so that they are streamed to anything too (I appreciate you don't have HD yet!)
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  5. Kev_w

    Kev_w Member

    For your phone you will need the free program "skifta" from android market as a DNLA client and I use mplayer to play back the rs files
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  6. fattakin

    fattakin Member

    Thanks Kev that was my next question. :) Grabbed that app. Is it best to give the Humax a static IP? My router is rarely turned off.

    Any itouch equivalent as well (for the missus)

    Im really excited now, have just ordered and is shipping today! Great news about the sky go as well, handy for the footy.
  7. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

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  8. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    I use it a bit on my HD-FOX, and although the initial navigation requires patience it plays superbly - the quality is as good as StDef Freeview IMO. It is a pain if you want to skip though - it goes in 5 minute steps either way, painfully slowly. Not like on a PC at all.

    As mentioned, there is an option on the WebIF (custom mode) to save the last streamed programme as an MP4 file (can also be done by jail-broken FTP). The consequence it that, as long as you don't mind planning ahead, you can fire off iPlayer with the programme you intend to watch and leave it for a bit (change the TV channel if you like, but not the Humax). The programme downloads at network speed and you can use Telnet or FTP to check the file size incrementing until it stops. Then you can move it into My Video, and play it like any other recording with full transport control.

    Actually, no need to plan ahead even - if you start watching iPlayer and then find you need to take a break and resume later, just use the streamed file.
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  9. Trevor Jasper

    Trevor Jasper Member

    What would be really cool would be to have webif have a front end to "get_iplayer" but that's a serious amount of work beyond my mortal capabilities..... but sooooo cool! :frantic:
  10. oijonesey

    oijonesey Hummy.tv SEO Guru

    get_iplayer came up before Click Here - there were some undiscussed obstacles at the time and I think other things on the To Do List
  11. fattakin

    fattakin Member

    Thanks for the iplayer tips too. Just got email that its shipped so should have by weekend.

    The old 9200T only went for £22 on ebay but it was worn out from 5 years of never being switched off.

    Am relieved to hear that this box records in standby, as the 9200t didn't!
  12. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well it certainly should have done. Did it display the time when in standby?
  13. fattakin

    fattakin Member

    Yeah it did. I recall there was an issue with some of them? (trying to remember from the old humax forum that used to be up)

    Tested it quite a bit and always had the latest firmware, never recorded anything. Ended up that if the box was put into standby, it would never see the hard drive when it was powered on, and had to be powered off/on twice before it would see the drive.
  14. fattakin

    fattakin Member

    Oh and supplier just emailed saying Humax are having issues sourcing hard drives (Assume its the floods in Thailand) so no Humax for a few days yet!
  15. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    ...so the first email was telling porkies then!
    Surely that's a basic function of PVRs / VCRs?
  16. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ok I have seen that problem. The only fix is to change the hard drive.
  17. fattakin

    fattakin Member

    It arrived yesterday and got it setup last night with the Custom Firmware & Webportal.

    Its running great, very happy with iplayer & sky player, both flawless. Its so quiet compared to the 9200T and much more responsive. Extremely happy with it. Finally I have the perfect all-in-one box.

    Will have a dig around and read on the forum play with everything, but my few initial questions

    1. Subtitle support - I dropped an avi and .srt file into a folder. When I load the movie, I see the OPT button flash up and turn on subtitles. they appear OK but there is an issue with the formatting as some HTML comes up as well, like:
    <font colour#1212114' subtitle text appears #blah blah more HTML> and its un-usable really. Anyone any experience?

    2. File Storage. What the best way to store my avi's etc? I just created a Folder called 'Everything Else' Under 'My Videos' and have various sub folders in there for T, Documenteries, kids etc. That the tidiest way?

    3. Do Af123 & Chris Daniels have a 'buy me a beer' fund? I have seen other open source developers have a buy me a coffee donate button. Id love to shout them a beer for the work. I see a donate button on the front of the forum but not sure who that goes to?
  18. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut


    I know of no reason to do it any particular way, up to you.

    I like the sentiment, and I agree with you. The forum donate button is to support the running costs of the forum.
  19. fattakin

    fattakin Member

    Yeah I will buy the forum a beer too! Who owns it btw?

    I also got skifta working on my phone and was streaming avi's. Hadn't actually recorded any programs at that stage so not sure if the program to decrypt files is working yet.
  20. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    Michael Eaton (username Michael).