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RS EPG refresh

The grid EPG on the RS doesn't seem to catch up with changes to the programme schedule

eg the grid view doesn't know there is a football match tonight
but the Now/Next (and channel) views do
Edit: The football did appear in the grid schedule but not until 7pm, I'm sure it was actually added to the schedule sometime before that!
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I have found the same. To overcome it I have been turning on the Humax at about 10 am, letting it update its epg (I wait 10 minutes or so) and doing a RS/SYNC. Recent activity in RS then shows 'Updated disk contents' and the RS epg is correct.
My humax was booted at 13:45 today so should have plenty of time to sync the epg.
Unfortunately the rs.log has no time stamping of entries, there are a couple of lines
Stale EPG data, deferring schedule.
though I don't know whether that is relevant
I believe (though I may be shot down on this) that RS only updates the epg on first boot each day - hence the 'Updated disk contents' only appears once in 'Activity'. That is why I did the RS/Sync.
Re stale EPG data, suggest you look at http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/error...-schedule-epg-not-refreshing.4212/#post-51737
You are correct, it is in the anacrontab list which runs once a day rather than crontabs which can run more frequently.
1 7 rs_epg /mod/bin/rs -D 60 epg offer
I think this could be a problem because:
  • It could run before the EPG is fully populated (it took over 5 minutes to rebuild the EPG after I reset it to remove the stale data)
  • There are occasional problems where channels go AWOL in the epg eg https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/bbc2-hd-not-listed-in-web-epg.8781/
  • There are frequent late schedule changes especially recently with Wimbledon and World Cup
Therefore I think it would better if the RS EPG were updated more frequently either via crontabs or preferably as part of the Auto process which can be disabled when the box may be busy.
It would also be better if the output from the RS command was time stamped and the output from the commands run at startup logged rather than discarded

However I don't think this explains all the symptoms that I reported in the OP.
It seems very suspicious to me that the Grid view was wrong hours after the box was rebooted (when the EPG update should have run) but was correct as soon as I switched to Now/Next and was then correct in Grid view when I switched back again.
It looks as if the Grid view is built using a stale data view that is only refreshed when switching to a a different view - I always use Grid view and vary rarely use the alternative views