RS maintenance


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Just a note that RS (and the wiki) will be down for an hour or so between 2300 and 0000 for maintenance.
Is this why I can't download Customised Firmware from the wiki? The wiki is up but clicking on the zipfile link results in a server not found error....
Thanks Brian. Must be something my end then. No idea what though! Tried two different browsers... Anyway, I'll figure it out now I know it's not a server problem. Thanks again for checking it.
Hmmm. No, I can't. Same error, can't find the server
That's odd, looks ok from here.

Can you do a DNS lookup for it? (run 'nslookup' from the command line - should work on most operating systems)
OK, I've sorted this out now - it was a DNS problem with my router. I was using DNS alternatives to my ISPs and for reasons I really don't understand, the alternatives wouldn't resolve the domain name. Very odd and never had a problem with it before. Thanks for the help. Time to update the custom firmware on my Hummy! seems a bit unreliable at the moment. I had problems with a dynamic registration last weekend.
First obvious problem I've had with them in over a year and only mildly irritating but irritating nonetheless. I think we might be drifting a bit off-topic here though, so I'll stop. Only just joined the forum!
Me four!
(as well as, since my ISP had DNS problems a couple of years ago)
RS seems to be down, and has been since about 1pm today as far as I can tell from the "not seen" email I've just received.