[RS] Problems skipping F1 episodes.


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All the skips worked perfectly as intended :clap:

I have tried to recreate the transient problem I first saw when skipping P1 and P2 but not been able to so it is not serious


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MymsMan beat me to it - all worked fine for me too.
One cosmetic comment - when skip has been set in the schedule the font for all episodes plus other info is a 'strikethrough'. Inconsistently compared to other functions like folder rename, the 'Queued for skip', which is in red, is also 'strikethrough'.

Edit: Queue unschedule also strikethrough
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Great - I've moved the beta over to release with no changes.
I've left the strikethrough display for future episodes which can't be fitted into the database though as I do find it useful. May remove it via a CSS class in a future release or if users find it confusing (since it is not consistently displayed in all views and RS actually doesn't have it in its copy of the database).