[rs] Remote Scheduling v1


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Version 1.0.0 of Remote Scheduling is now available. The biggest new feature is that it is now region-aware so that local programming is available in the EPG results but there are some other changes too.
  • Finally - region aware;
  • Crowd-sourced EPG data - no more reliance on a single feed;
  • Less network traffic than previous version;
  • Much kinder to the RS server (please upgrade!);
  • Notification of completed recordings (spurious entries on deletion fixed).
Is this version going to generate an rs.log, and an rsepg.log, or are they going to be combined into a single log?
Yes, both logs for now to aid any troubleshooting. There will be another version along which disables the rsepg.log.
OK, thanks.

Would it be possible to add a Delete button for the activity log on the Remote Scheduling website?
The whole log would be fine for me, it's surprising how long it gets over a period of a few months.

Edit: Would this also delete the diagnostic entries, or would that require another Delete button?
I have un- installed RS0.8.5 and installed RS1.0.0, I am now getting Look North rather than Midlands Today for 18:30 Monday 25 Mar 2012. Since then I have done :-
reboot . . . reboot . . . rs epg offer (no data sent) . . . rs push (no data sent) . . . reboot but I am still getting the Yorkshire Local news rather than West Midlands any ideas?
Also diskpush . . . chanpush . . . opkg install rs --force-reinstall . . .reboot, but still Looking North, maybe I'm just being impatient, I'll have a look a bit later in the day
Ezra, I have just checked, and am also getting Look North instead of my usual North West Tonight. It seems that rs 1.0.0 has reverted to af123's Yorkshire EPG details, I'm sure that it will be fixed soon.;)
I knew I'd forget something. Try now.

Posted on the move; please excuse any brevity.
We were very early adopters of rs 1.0.0 so had to uninstall and reinstall. Well that's what I did.
There was no need to uninstall and reinstall, I just upgraded from the package management screen in webif.
There was no need to uninstall and reinstall as far as I know, it was just that I was still getting references to RS0.8.0 when running a opkg info rs. I don't use auto-update as I need to track new versions for the WiKi