[rs] Remote Scheduling v1

There was no need to uninstall and reinstall, I just upgraded from the package management screen in webif.
That's what I used, but didn't look to see if an upgrade would work with the same version number. Probably just as quick my way.
Not sure if it's related to the new version, but I just noticed when adding a new Auto search, it's still offering me BBC HD in the Channels dropdown, whereas my EPG is now showing BBC Two HD. Should that channel list have auto-updated?
That should change once your box does a channel update, or you can force the issue by running the chanpush diagnostic.
My RS Auto screen is missing some data, it now looks like this :-
It has entries missing, I can't remember how many but there was one for recent movies, I received an Email at 8:20am 27MAR2013 from it, so it must be still running even though it isn't being displayed. Email data is :- === Matched email alert ( / +(2009 2010 2011 2012 2013)) ===
Any idea why the other auto searches are not being displayed?
Try now... I suspect you have an automatic search against a channel which is no longer tuned on your device.

Edit - yes, you have a rule for channel 54 - RS will now show an error for that line rather than just stopping the display.
OK, running 1.0 on the Humax.
The portal is showing my regional news on the EPG.

There does, however, seem to be a problem with the display of programmes scheduled to record...
I will use Labyrinth as an example; a 2 parter on Sat & Sun.
I have it scheduled to record on 4HD.
If I do an EPG search, it shows 7 hits (2 each for 4, 4HD & 4+1 plus one for the start of the rerun on 4seven)
all showing the record indicator.
Similarly, if I go to the EPG for Sat or Sun, the programme has a blue background for 4, 4HD & 4+1. Opening any of them shows that it is set to series-record.
As far as I know, the RS EPG has always shown every occurrence of the program with a blue background, rather than just the one you are recording, It has for me anyway
The blue shading and the recording icon is based on the CRIDs in the schedule entry versus those in the EPG so, in this case, the broadcaster must have set them to the same in the EPG data. I will have a look to see if I can improve the logic in any way though.
I should have emphasised...
I agree, it has always shown a blue background was a fairly loose interpretation of the schedule, hence indicating series even if not on the scheduled channel.
However, if you opened a a blue program it would correctly show the recording status for that episode & channel...
- no indicator with record buttons
- record indicator or series-record indicator with no record buttons.
Similarly, on the EPG search; I am fairly certain it only showed the record or series record indicator on actual entries that would record.
Sorry af123... your reply wasn't there when I composed my reply... a bit of overlap between us.

Actually, I have just realised... I say that the behaviour has changed, but it may just be me confusring webif and RS portal.
If I EPG search for labyrinth on each
- the webif is correct, showing series-record only against the appropriate episodes
- the portal is wrong, showing series-record for every episode found.
Does that help any?
Yes, the series CRIDs are the same.
Presumably the Humax doesn't follow series links across channels?
So I presume the logic must be to match series CRID and channel number?
I presume that this is what the logic is on the webif.

With regard to the blue backgrounds (portal only)... There are times when it is very useful to see the alternative showings of scheduled recordings, but it would be better to have a different colour. webif does not have this colouring at all.

Sorry, I will shut up now, I feel as though I am monopolising this thread :D .
Thanks that's useful! I'm pretty sure that the Humax can sometimes follow series links across channels but I don't know the exact mechanism. Webif looks right so I'll look to work out why RS is different.
I think it is when a recording fails, and then the Humax goes hunting for a replacement with a matching P-CRID.
That explains why I have a few recordings that have shifted to C4+1 at some point in the past..

RS should be better behaved now (and a bit faster too)
Yes, that seems to have got rid of the extraneous record indications and blue backgrounds on the RS.
Working the other way... will it be possible to get the blue backgrounds on the webif?