Samsung Allshare Software - File transfer no encryption!


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I downloaded the Samsung "Allshare" software from the Samsung web-site. It lists my Humax Fox HDR T2. I downloaded a file from the Humax to my desktop. It appeared as an "avi" file which I could play in Windows Media Player! Is this news to anyone? I thought you had to use the USB route or customised Humax firmware to do this.
But I suspect that when you created the avi file the software copied it by reading it streamed it from the humax via DLNA, rather than file copy, and created the avi on the PC.
Hence the avi is decrypted because DLNA presented a decrypted stream.
I'm just guessing here, but the Samsung software does due DLNA!
Just tried again and I was slightly optimistic. Another 3GB movie took more like 10 minutes to download from Humax to Laptop over my wireless connection and again appears as a 3GB .avi file on my desktop which plays fine even when I am not connected to my Home Network/Internet.
Sorry I can't test it I don't use the package.
I'm not sure I understand your concern. If the software is streaming the file from the humax and making a copy on your PC (converted to avi) why shouldn't it be playable stand alone. It is a copy.
Don't assume that just because it is streamed via DLNA that it has to stream at same rate as play.
I often use a download tool (download accelerator) on my PC to copy files this way, it takes a few minutes to pull a 1 hour hd program. The result in my case is a decrypted .ts file, because the software does not convert the file presented by humax.

Hope this helps with your understanding.
Of course I may be misunderstanding what you are asking!
OK I am still learning here, I've only had the Humax for a few days, but I have just tried downloaded the same 3GB file (not HD) to my laptop via the traditional USB route i.e Humax to a USB stick and then from the USB stick to my laptop and the Samsung AllShare (DLNA?) router is >3x faster. What download software do you use to transfer files directly from your Humax to your PC?
I assume you want them decrypted so that they can be played on your PC.
You have many options - as a trawl through this discussion db will show you.

If you pull it off via DLNA then it decrypts on the fly.
If you want to use, say, FTP you need to decrypt first on the humax itself.
The Custom Firmware has a number of decryption options which allow one off/as and when decryption, or regular background decryption.
On the basis that I don't want to transfer the majority of the recordings I use the DLNA approach (or external disk copy for multiple recordings).

Before I suggest a method, which I'm sure several other members will challenge with better alternatives, can you tell me why you need an alternative to the one you re currently using based on the Samsung software, it sound fine to me.

By the way I find that transferring via DLNA is faster than one off decryption on humax plus FTP. The humax is not especially fast at decrypting a file "in place".
Happy with the Samsung option I have discovered and will use this in future. Posted the information in case it was of interest to other users
It would take time to re-encode the video to a different format, so the Samsung software has most likely accessed the Humax DLNA server to pull down the .ts and repackaged the content (without changing the encoding) into the .avi. There is no issue here, except you will not be able to do that with a HiDef file without help. More info HERE (click), section 5. The Samsung software sounds handy, but it's nothing we can't do with the custom firmware and a web browser.

3GB in 10 mins is about 50Mbps, damned good for a wired connection but well within the capability of wireless-n.
A word of warning. This looked interesting, so I downloaded the software from the Samsung site and installed on my 64-bit W7 laptop. The installer installed something it called 'Hotfix'. Then it did it again...and again. About 15 times in all. Then it messily, and without asking permission, rebooted the machine, after which there was no sign of anything having been installed at all.

I was sufficiently concerned to do a system restore. I might just have had an anomalous experience, but I wouldn't recommend this software to my friends...
Really sorry to hear this. I have the same configuration as you, but had no problems downloading AllShare from the Samsung web site. As a reputable company I'd be amazed if they intended any harm. I used the site. I just entered AllShare in to the websites search bar to find the download page.
I have had problems also with the all share from Samsung when installed it would not connect with my galaxy phone properly.I was told by telephone support to go into such a complicated removal procedure that I never could be bothered to do.
Open Allshare. Turn off Windows Firewall and Disable Antivirus. Wait 2-3 minutes and then turn Firewall and AntiVirus back on and all your devices will appear in Allshare. Not the best fix but it works
When installing Allshare from the Samsung website then choose the save rather than the run option. Then right click the downloaded file and run as Administrator to avoid the "Hotfix" loop mentioned earlier.