Season's greetings

Well, it's not here on the cloudy south east coast. I must be doing something wrong!
It's been quiet on here for a while. Mostly stuff on the FOX-T2 and CF. Not much in the Arms or on things where I feel competent to comment. :(
Bah humbug!
I'm soaking up the sunshine about 1000 miles south of UK as per last year, what's to comment about?
Hell's teeth, are we all so full of bah humbug that we can't raise any enthusiasm to wish each other season's greetings?
Big do last night: left home at 3pm to set up (having been preparing all morning and most of the previous day), 7.30-12.15, clearing up, home 2.30am. Now to think about my Christmas get-away (today!!!). No, I'm not leaving the country (well, technically, I suppose I am). Somehow bed still feels very comfortable.
Happy Christmas Everybody, again, esp. RobH1.
'Tis my birthday in the morrow as well.
Tried the walking on water trick but, unlike Dynamo, I failed miserably.