Season's greetings


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Happy Christmas everyone. As you may have noticed I haven't had a lot of time for Humax related things in the past 6 months but hopefully that will improve in the New Year.
Things I will probably get around to in January include an upgrade to XenForo 2 - dev site first so that a few of you can have a looksie. I've also run the Humax firmware through Avast's decompiler which they recently open-sourced to produce a few MiB of more readable code so I'm sure there are avenues within that for further investigation over the next few months...


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Merry Christmas af123. A while ago you floated the possibility of a 'Nowster's Patch' like binary for the HDR-FOX to prevent recordings being encrypted in the first place. Is this something you are still looking at? Such a patch would be especially nice for the HD-FOX; presumably this is also a possibility as the two devices are so similar?

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I agree: the HD-FOX definitely needs it more than the HDR-FOX, but it will probably be two for the price of one.


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Well, I achieved something that I hadn't managed to do in about 40 years, it was a Slade/Wizard free Xmas!
I reckon that deserves some kind of reward/recognition in the New Year's honours.


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I saw Wizard on the pub telly with the sound down but didn't see or hear Slade anywhere. Is there some reason this seasonal classic was embargoed this year?


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There was a contribution made to Noddy and Jim's pension funds as it was played in he background of a couple of Eastenders that I overheard.