Separate forum for HDR/HD T2 modified firmware?


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The modified firmware for the HD & HDR T2 models seems to be gathering a lot of interest. The current thread ( is getting quite long and is is being used for all sorts of different issues, from installation problems to issues with packages and trouble compiling software on the box, along with discussions about things like designing a web interface or implementing remote scheduling.

I think it would make sense to create a new forum for this custom firmware so that these varied topics can be raised as separate threads. Any thoughts?
There's not alot else going on at the moment on the HD- / HDR forums so why not just split into several threads rather than a new forum. That way those of us who keep a passing eye on it can follow the threads within the forum for the box we have.
I don't know what I think about this. Over on AVForums everything to do with the T2 is in one thread, never mind one forum (something I have consistently complained about).

On the one hand there could be better "topicalisation" if people started new threads with relevant titles instead of enlarging the scope of the discussion in one thread (I am equally to blame for this, having got into bad habbits on AVForums), but I can also see the case for opening a sub-forum for modded software discussion.
A separate section for the MSP might have been a reasonable idea, but I think it would be too difficult to disentangle it from the HDR-FOX topics now. I also think newcomers would find it hard to distinguish which section to post new queries in and mix it all up again. Just got to encourage HD-FOX owners interested in MSP to keep an eye on the HDR-FOX section.
I am in favour of having a separate forum, and would be happy to move the existing threads to a new forum if it was created.

Does anyone else have any views on this matter?
I certainly agree that it would be difficult to disentangle. If you are willing and are happy that it won't end in tears, go for it.

But perhaps we should wait awhile to gauge the response of other members before doing anything. There could be an easier solution.
How about a topic heading similar to this thread's with a link to the HDR topic. Can it be locked so nobody could post there and just be used as a signpost?
Creating a New forum is an administrative task that Michael would have to carry out.
Why don't we just move everything from the HD forum into the HDR one and rename it to cover both devices?
Because it would case confusion as many posters especially newbies get the two confused or at the very least neglect to say which one they are having a problem with.
Yes - when I first created this thread I think there were only about 6 topics in the HD area, most of which only had a couple of posts - just checked and there are 40.
I agree with gomezz on this one, it's surprising how many posters do not seem to know which model box they own, let alone what it's correct model name is.:rolleyes: It's a pity that more people don't use the HD forum to discuss all things HD-FOX T2, instead of posting them in the wrong HDR forum.
Maybe we need more pretty pictures at the top of each : )..

Almost everything I post about the modified firmware relates to both boxes equally, but the vast majority of the custom firmware user base is HDR

| model | count(*) |
| HD    |       13 |
| HDR   |      107 |

hence I always start the threads under HDR. For a while I tried to start the thread titles with 'mod: ' but it didn't really catch on so I stopped. I suppose I was effectively trying to compensate for the lack of a dedicated custom firmware forum.

I generally use tapatalk to read the forums anyway so I'm never that aware of which forum a particular post is in.
Clear, unambiguous thread titles are better than over-categorising into too many sub-forums which also causes people to post in the wrong one. For example, there is no law stopping you having a new thread for some particular feature of the modified firmware you want to discuss.
I quite like it the way it is - I know I only need to look in the HDR forum for stuff because that's what box I've got. On the other hand with my SEO hat on (instead of underpants!) the more times we have the words Humax, HDR, HDR Fox T2, HD Fox, HD Fox T2 etc etc on the site the better the search engines will rank us!!!