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Sept 19th Retune - When Do We Retune our T2?

Black Hole

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Well, I've been a bit dull. Of course I have not seen any nags - I have disable-dso installed on all three machines! They all still work fine, regardless of the LCN shuffle, although I have had the Freeview info pop-up (press yellow to cancel) which I suspect is triggered by the Freeview virtual machine detecting a disparity between the broadcast LCN and the LCN stored locally (does anybody get these messages once they have retuned?). I reckon there might be an opportunity to reassign the LCNs by database manipulation instead of a retune faf - which is not the same as channel renumbering.

I have retuned a TV and confirm the LCN shuffle has taken place.

Anybody on 1.02.27+ and relying on disable-dso should note there is a slight chance the retune can still get through - the EPG refresh wake-up presents a small window of opportunity within which the DSO event can get scheduled and acted on before the custom firmware can intervene. The same applies to other times the box is on but not attended (to opt out), but the EPG refresh is more critical because that is necessary to ensure series get recorded while you are away for a period.
I must admit I had no idea this was going to happen and I have lost all my sheduled recordings for the last few days. Managed to do a backup of them from the data from the 18th although I am not convinced everything will work completely. I have been holding off until 1.02.29 is out and I was planning on a manual retune. Is there a brief tutorial on this becuase I do get duplicate channels when auto-tuning and this has messed with the AR before but I have been waiting for everything to update before finally tackaling this issue. I am currently running 1.02.28 with custom fireware 2.11 so should it update to 1.02.29 from the OTA soon?

Ezra Pound

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There is a 'brief tutorial' guide to Manual Tuning on the WiKi HERE. With the Custom Firmware installed it is possible to re-install your Schedule and favourites list from an auto-backup, Details HERE. There has been no date set for 1.02.29 OTA yet
Hi Erza, thanks for the reply, I did actually manage to get a backup of my shedule from the 18th back on to the humax earlier today so all is well at the moment. I am planning on a manual tune but will probably put this off until 1.02.29 is OTA.