Series Recording Failure Feature

On Wednesday (16th) my main Hummy failed to start recording Doctors (BBC1 series recording) at 1345; it had started to record Neighbours (Ch5 timed recording 1344-1416). At 1407 my wife pressed the remote power button and the TV displayed Ch5; she selected BBC1 and shortly afterwards the Hummy started to record Doctors. Without changing the recording schedule Doctors has recorded accurately on 17th and 18th. As the 16th Feb Doctors was a special (1 hour long) I had set it to record on my second Hummy from last Monday (14th); it recorded the Wednesday episode perfectly as well as the episodes two days either side. My loft antenna signal is distributed via a 4-way amplifier. The main Hummy is downstairs with direct connectivity; my second is upstairs and connected via a 2-way passive splitter.

Given easy access to the BBC I-Player the above type of failure is not critical but it will be interesting to see if a pattern emerges.

Well it was on my Foxsat HDR and was a one-shot timer not a series but Breakfast at Tiffanies did not record this lunchtime. Apparently something to do with some dead horses. :(
Well, it is a long time since I started this thread and I have been monitoring the performance of my two humax 9200s. And, good point Gomezz.

My observations are:

Recording errors are most likely to occur after an "Information Message" broadcast. By that, I mean advice of a new DVB Service (as in my Panasonic TV/DVD Menu) or of a Switch-Over event.

The errors do not arise at the time of the message but some days later as though the message upsets the supplied guide data (not proven). The series recording process recovers as though a "glitch" occurred during the Information Message lifetime (again unproven).

Unfortunately all the problems occur when I am away on holiday - being retired that is quite often. :) The most recent problems occurred during the Emley Moor Phase 1 Switch-Over. But both Humax's were manually tuned to the Sheffield Transmitter which had completed its Switch-Over, save for a change on 27/09/11.

My 9200TB downstairs, directly connected to a Panasonic TV, failed to record Doctors (Series) and Neighbours (Weekday Timed) although my Upstairs Silver 9200 connected to a Panasonic DVD Recorder did. Only the 9200TB showed the Information Message for the Emley Moor Switch-Over.

Both Humax's are now tuned to Emley Moor. Both received a Switch-Over Message yesterday. And yes, I am about to go on holiday. So: To re-tune or Not to re-tune - that is .... .

Based on my unscientific observations it does appear to me that any non-standard transmission data seems to upset the 9200 recording data extraction from the Guide. Thus, to ensure a higher recording reliability a reload of the Guide is required after an "Information Message" is received. Unfortunately with V1.00.23
that does require a retune.

I could go back to V1.0.21 but, as I said above, with I-Player, am I bothered?

Until I go on holiday I will monitor the recordings but in the end, I will opt to re-tune the downstairs 9200 so that SWIMBO retains her faith in me fixing the technology. :)