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Hi guys. Could someone please tell me why every time a series finishes on pick and the new series starts the next day it won't keep the series link. I'm forever missing the start of new series. Ie stargate Atlantis. Can this be fixed or is it a broadcast issue?

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That is how it should be, it won't keep the link for the new series because it is a different series, and therefore needs you to set a new series link to record it.
Why would it be wrong? When one series finishes it automatically sets up the new series to record. Making life easier. Why is that a disadvantage? To me it's a pro not a con.

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How does it know that you want to record the new series?

You can achieve what you want to do if you are using the custom firmware and the remote scheduling service.
If you go into the hidden menu on the HDR-FOX you will be able to turn on display of CRID codes in the information panel for programmes. In particular, a programme will only be regarded as part of an existing series reservation if the Series CRID matches. This is correct. It is not reasonable to expect the recorder to guess what other programmes might be considered an extension of the existing reservation - the broadcasters do that for you by allocating CRIDs. If the broadcaster selects a different CRID, it's a different series (or could be a repeat of the current series).

If you want a different behaviour, you can use the Remote Scheduling Service on the custom firmware to search for programmes by text string and automatically schedule a recording for matches.

More info re the hidden menu and CRID codes: Things Every... (click) section 9.
1. You have to have the HDR-FOX custom firmware installed, and the rs package;


The RS web service enables remote management of your HDR-FOX from anywhere you can get access to the Internet. You will be able to set recordings, set up email reminders and/or automatic scheduling for persistent EPG search criteria, and manage disk content.

In order to make use of recording schedules downloaded from the RS web service (whether automated or manual), obviously the HDR-FOX has to be awake and perform a fetch, but it also has to go through a reboot before the new schedule entry (or schedule modification) can be entered into the actual recording schedule (this is a limitation of what we can do to the Humax internal operations, and is the same as the requirement for schedule modifications by WebIF).
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What's the problem? When you log in to the RS web site, isn't what you see self-explanatory? At the top left of the home page, "EPG" lets you browse the EPG and schedule recordings, "Auto" lets you set up automated searches and what actions to take when there is a hit.

It may take a while for your HDR-FOX to sync up, it can be poked using some diagnostics commands (see wiki - click) - the commands prefixed "rs/" are relevant.
sorry I didn't realise I had to wait for my box to upload. When I click epg I get nothing when I search it says no results. i'll wait a bit longer for something to happen also i'll restart my box see if that helps.
I've done an auto schedule on stargate atlantis, will this appear in my schedule or does it send a signal to the hdr to record the matching programme?