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I have F1 set as a 'Record whole series' schedule on my Foxsat HDR. It recorded the Qualifying yesterday on BBC1 OK, but by chance I looked at my Schedule earlier and found that this evenings race was not scheduled on BBC2 as I assumed it should have been. Any ideas on why that might be? Is it because of a change of channel or something else?
I looked at my Schedule earlier and found that this evenings race was not scheduled on BBC2 as I assumed it should have been.
I would have assumed the opposite, and been pleasantly (or even unpleasantly) surprised if it had been.
@ EP. How would I find that out, and what's the relevance? :):frantic:

@BH Why would you assume otherwise (unless you knew about it already). If I want to record a series of F1 and BBC decide to screw around and put it on BBC2 to make way for the stupid football or whatever, it's surely still part of an F1 series? I thought that the idea was that the box would record everything in a series of programmes regardless of time/channel changes etc.

So, is it because the BBC2 hasn't got the same Series ID as all the previous stuff this season, or is it because BBC changed it to BBC2?
OK, so I have no experience of Freesat, but I've not known series to track across services on the HDR-FOX. If I was keen to ensure all parts of a "series" were recorded (different services or not), I would ensure each element was scheduled individually - because even series that are transmitted on just one service have been known to fail some episodes.

We had specific discussion about this recently, hang on while I find it...

This seems to answer it (at least for Freeview/HDR-FOX):

- ie programmes with the same S-CRID do not record if they are on a different service.

Does the Foxsat have an RS service? The best way to ensure all programmes matching any particular search pattern are recorded is to create an auto-schedule entry in RS.
@ EP. How would I find that out, and what's the relevance? :):frantic:
The series CRID info. is transmitted with each programme, Please Note : that the example (HERE), is from the Freeview HDR Fox T2

Only programmes with the same series ID will be recorded in a 'Record Series' request.
Well, how odd is that. When I check the Series Search in the Web If for yesterday's quali, it shows today's race. So presumably the CRIDs are (were) the same. I can see the CRID for today's race as per your link, but can't find it for yesterday's quali, as the reference to it is only, in red, in the scheduled events not in the EPG.

EDIT: When I do a CRID search from yesterday's quali, the CRID is obviously the same as it finds today's race. So I guess it must be because of the change of service that stopped it programming as per the T2.
The F1 race on BBC2 was picked up by the normal series record on my Digitalstream Freeview PVR. OTOH the World Cup highlights on BBC1 later this week were not picked up by the series record which has been recording the highlights on BBC2.
The CRID info displayed for a scheduled recording isn't transferred into the actual recording info. Once it's recorded this information is lost.
I was hoping to get it from the original scheduled BBC1 event. But a manual search from the original BBC1 schedule picked up the actual race on BBC2, but it was not in the schedule list. So the information was there, but the scheduler was not scheduling it (until I scheduled it manually. Will be interesting to see which of the two schedules (BBC1 or BBC2) picks up the next event which should be practice in the middle of next week sometime.
I'm certain that it has done it right in the past, but not 100% sure.

I have had this happen: BBC1 and BBC2 not being in the same series on F1. As far as I remember, it has always been thus on Freesat.
The BBC use the same CRID logic on Freesat and Freeview. The only time this breaks down is when a different BBC Region happens to show a different episode in the same series at the same time. Clearly not an issue for Freeview users tuned to a specific transmitter. For Freesat users who have access to all BBC Regions, this can result in a single series recording reservation finding two programmes requiring recording at the same time. This usually involves BBC-Scotland showing a different episode with same series CRID at the same time. Those with any sort of political opposition to Scotland voting to leave the union, and avoid the potential problems, delete the Scottish BBC Regions from your Freesat epgs ;)

When a series recording switches channel (usually due to major sporting coverage, which we currently have two (Wimbledon and the World Cup), the broadcaster should ensure the same series CRID is used to select the appropriate recording in the series.
Well, they haven't in the past. I record F1 in HD. Several years, the BBC1 HD series has not extended to BBC2 HD, or BBC HD as it was. Counterexample. Trev also provided one.
But as far as IO could tell, they did use the same ID last time but changed channels and it didn't record the second lot, although looking at the BBC1 (first lot), the followup in the sequence with the same series ID WAS the BBC2 session.
Is the series ID the same as the CRID?
There's bound to be some channel changes between BBC1 and BBC2 with the GP this coming week and weekend
Fri BBC2 09:55
Sat BBC2 09:55
Sat BBC2 12:05
Sun BBC2 12:00
No there's not, so it should all record OK.

Now then, what is strange is that if I do a series search on the Austrian GP on BBC1 Sat 21 Jun 2014 16:45 BST it reports SCRID TTOKMT but no 'next programme'. Similarly the British GP Practice on Fri 04 Jul 2014 09:55 BST on BBC2 has the same SCRID, but the two are not linked and a series search also does not return the 'next programme'. The BBC1 (Austrian) is in red as it's in the past.

Last time I tried an EPG series search, it found the 'other' one on a different channel but not this time????:frantic:
If you are going to be wanting to record F1 this weekend then as BBC are in the grips of Murray Mania and are showing their usual willingness to change tennis coverage from Wimbledon at the drop of a hat then I strongly suggest you record both BBC1 *and* BBC2.
I just had a weird entry on the program guide, regional news on BBC1 HD on Friday was marked as on timer recording. (Not my doing!)

First, there is no regional news on BBC1 HD, is there? (Edit: Is BBC1 HD England on its way, with "regional" news?)

Second, when I tried to remove it, it asked if I wanted to record it, not cancel it. I had hoped that after adding it again I might be able to remove it, but a conflict was flagged, so that was out.

Third, it was not in the schedule when I checked, only in the EPG.

Fourth, on exiting and re-entering the guide, the timed recording has vanished. So, what the F is going on? :frantic: