Sky Player no longer working?

Tried to load up today and although it seems to log in, all the screens past the menus bring up error messages.
Is this just me, or are others experiencing the same problem?
Yes no longer able to watch live channels anymore, I had experience the error 0803 code when trying to view on demand from last week and now it appears when opening the sky app... very disappointed :(
Thanks for the confirmation guys, guess I'll shift one of the skygo accounts back over to my PC.
A shame really, it's the main reason I got this box, but all good things come to an end I suppose :(

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Sky Player has never been officially supported by Humax (it is in the category "coming soon"), so the custom portal crack has always been on a wing and a prayer.
Oh yeah, I was never under any other impression, but I get the feeling that this will never arrive on the Humax officially, even the Fetch box player has now been killed off by Sky. For whatever reason they seem to be limiting the ways SkyGo can be accessed.
Had the same problems found a workaround...

Goto watch live tv, wait for the error message to appear. Clear it off the screen, then press hide to remove the empty menu area.

Press the up or down arrow to reveal the channel selection, select channel and it should come up fine
Hmmm. I tried to follow my instructions just again after watching F1. Now stuck on the 0 dummy channel and unable to get anything else... Very odd...
Having has the same 0803 error as everyone else and losing access her week, I just tried it today and it's working fine again. Not sure if anyone knows whether this will stay working ?
I have found over the last week that it doesn't seem to work in the mornings but its fine in the evenings.

Can't get the on demand content to work though, I'm using 1.0.20 and cw 2.11 but not sure if 1.0.27 makes any difference?
No it did after the 1.02.27 update was released, was able to watch Sky 1 programmes even though the Sky 1 channel wasn't avaliable live. Once the error 0803 started appearing the on demand stopped