Sky player problem


Tonight I've discovered that none of the live tv channels of the sky playerwork. I get an error code 0701. All of the on demand stuff works just not any live tv channels. Anyone else having this problem?

Update, now all of the on demand stuff doesnt work! I have an iphone and my humax box as the registered devices with sky. All the channels/on demand works fine through the phone.
As a point of information, the sky player interface has never been officially released for the HD/HDR-FOX and is being used in the custom portal "by the back door". It could cease to function at any time (not that it necessarily has in this case).
Switched to my Xbox as was experiencing lag problems on the humax.still get lag on Xbox!

Hopefully someone can verify for you soon pitch.
Nah few months ago. I'm a light user due to lag. Haven't checked it since I got my virgin media 60mb upgrade.
ah ok, it had been working great on the humax for months, this was the first time its been as bad! Hopefully just a temp problem!
Update: I can sometimes get a channel to work, then when i come out of live to, run something from the on demand list, it freezes. When loading live to, the guide comes up, channel list with all the now next infor displayed, then when i click on a channel, the timer on the right says loading, spins for a bit then seems to hang, followed by the 0701 error code. I shall see what tomorrow brings!

Live channels seemed ok for me last night also. Have never tried on demand as read a while ago that these didn't work.
Anyone having sky player problems? I can't log in, it says incorrect details (untrue) then an error code 1620. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I don't use skyplayer regularly. In fact the last time I tried it was probably when I checked it for the query earlier up this thread. Was planning to watch the Arsenal game tonight but just got the error.
Same here, but if I dismiss the message I can watch the sample channel ok.. (don't have a valid Sky login any more).