Slow EPG Sped Up - For a Short While

I did a channel scan which, of course, wiped out my Favourites and my Scheduled Events.

Before I restored them from backup, I used the EPG which was without delay.

Then, I restored my Favourites and my Scheduled Events and the delay manifested itself again, although I thought it not as long a delay as before.

Posted in case it may be of interest.
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Oh, right.

Has it been established they are a factor in slowing down the EPG?

I might delete some of the expired ones if it would help.
I don't bother - they evaporate of their own accord after three months (but I don't use 1.03 firmware on my regular-use HDRs).

The WebIF provides a one-click declutter operation if you do want to (or at least I thought it did - where's it gone?).
For further info on the slow EPG, I managed to get Humax to tell me the following last year:
Dear Chris,

If the guide on your machine has became slightly slower on your machine after upgrading to 1.03.12 this is a compromise to fix other issues with the previous software version. Unfortunately there will not be a release to alter this.