Statistics and people who don't understand them

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According to The Times today, the bottom 50% of children in education are pulling down standards. What are the top 50% doing, I ask myself? Pushing them down?

Did you know that 50% of people have below median earnings? That 50% of hospitals are sub-standard?
It's ok though, all schools are expected to have around 70% of their children at above the national average!

I don't think that is thought of as acceptable!

Suppose the national average is a score of 20/100 on exams. (I know, that sounds over optimistic.)

Suppose 70% score 23/100 on exams and 30% score 13/100. Targets achieved! But would anyone regard that as acceptable?
The thorn in the paw of this particular statistic is distinguishing innate intelligence from educational achievement. And distingishing educational achievement due to family and social background and that due to formal teaching at school.