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Still having the original HDD in the original type t2 anyone?

I provide occasional support to chums with original 500GB disks. Neither has ever had a disk-related problem. My two HDRs both came with 1TB disks, replaced with 2TB Pipelines around 25000 power-on hours ago. The 1TB disks didn't fail but, (based on a sample of two), the HDRs fitted with them crashed more frequently than those with 500GB disks.


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Ours are both original - 500GB and 1TB.
The 1TB is 7 years old (bought 2 Nov 2012), not sure if the 500 is older or newer, but at least 6 I think.
Not looked at the stats lately though, but the 500 doesn't do much work.


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I was curious to see how many of us still have the original disks?
Three of mine are still in the original units. My main unit has done almost 60000 hours. The second one 20000 hours. The third one is somewhat unreliable (the unit itself, not the disk) and is currently off.
The fourth one (all are 500GB) has been re-purposed in a PC as a backup drive and a 2TB fitted instead.
None of them have any reallocated sectors.

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Ditto: four in use and one cold spare (about to go into service in another location), all 500GB, and three of them with stellar hours.


Me too, apart from having to return my first T2 the day after I bought it I have never had a single issue, the 9200 I had hooked up to a 20" Dell monitor in my kitchen is also still going strong though I replaced it with a 24" smart TV recently to gain some space.


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The late single tuner here, bought* Nov 2014 has its original 500GB disk in good order at 15432 (83%) hours and a 4201 (95%) power cycles. It's on from 5 to 12pm so 7h per day which may help. As for problems, if anything it's needed less errors fixing as it's got older, which may be to due far fewer network-induced crashes than in the past.

* Bought on eBay just before the last batch of Manager's Special refurbs appeared on Humax Direct. From the paperwork it was returned to John Lewis under warranty for a rebooting issue, was returned with updated firmware and then sold.