Strange behaviour from HDR-FOX T2


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While I'm here I'll let you know that I've bought a Seagate Skyhawk from Amazon (see attached image). It was recognised immediately by the HDR-FOX-T2 and I was given the option to format it. So far everything has gone well. I will update here if I have any issues but it's looking good as an alternative to the Seagate Pipeline.
Please do keep us updated with news about how the Skyhawk works out, good or bad.

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something about "new facebook" not playing well with Pages whatever that is.
Organisations on Facebook can set up a page and/or a group. Groups are rather a free-for-all, pages are similar to an individual user. A few weeks ago Facebook insisted on revising the interface, and now some content is no longer displayed or even accessible. Buggered me up too, and Facebook are unaccountable.