Strange "No Signal" problem


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I have encountered this problem once so far. I've only had youview for a couple of weeks.

First thing in the morning, I brought my TV out of standby, and the TV correctly showed HDMI1, No Signal. Then brought YouView box out of standby, and it seemed to start up correctly, but TV continued to show "No Signal". Eventually put YouView box back into standby, and immediately turned it on again, and the TV immediately got a signal and came to life.

Is this a known problem of the YouView box?
I don't know about the YouView box specifically, but this is typical of the HDMI interface failing to initialise (a negotiation between the box and the TV). It might equally clear by rebooting the TV - rebooting either end forces the HDMI to restart.
It is a known problem with some makes of TV set.
Thanks to BlackHole and Gomezz. I guess I'll just have to put up with it. The TV is a Samsung - brand new. Up to a few days ago I had a Sanyo, and that never seemed to boot up onto HDMI, It went back to its internal tuner on coming out of standby, and I had to use the source selection button to get to HDMI.