Switches into Sleep after 10s


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I am only guessing that there is something wron with the Sleep timer setting on my box. When it is first switched on from standby or power on, the TV screen wil display the picture for about 10s, the clock/timer symbol comes on in the display and the screen goes blank and there is nothing I can do to get the picture back? If have checked the manual and I can't see an explanation.

What is the problem.

Have you tried power-cycling the box using the ON/OFF switch at the back? Leave it turned off for a few minutes before turning it on again.
I assume it is connected to the TV using an HDMI lead? In which case try a SCART lead connection which may let you see what is happening for long enough to try a system reset. Unless anyone knows of a way of forcing a system reset from the remote / front panel buttons?
Re-flashed the software, go rid of the clock symbol (it was indicating a scheduled record series, duh) and still the box stops displaying video out. So tried an earlier suggestion and connected to TV via Scart, presto, TV output holds. So, changed to a spare HDMI cable and we have the box back to normal, horrah. Now I would not have thought a dodgy cable would have had that effect. Perhaps some inbuilt resistance or capacitance in the cable or connection?? It's a mystery but now solved.
Thanks to all who helped.